In 1991 Eng.Veselin Zheliazkov Atanasov and Eng.Marin Alexiev Nikolov began their privately-owned activity in the construction field. In February 1995 they founded the joint company Active Ltd. Until now, the company won its objects mainly from competitions due to its good name. Currently Active Ltd. employs about 20 people - engineering and technical personnel and more than 250 construction workers and specialists. There is a separate office - Department Real Estate, engaged in trading of all kinds of property, changing the status of land, feasibility studies, marketing and other activities.

The company has two own manufacturing bases, total of 15 decares in the city of Bourgas and Pomorie with almost all accompanying the construction supporting activities, namely concrete centre, armature yard, hardware- and auto- workshops, carpentry and covered storage areas. It has all kinds of construction equipment and own transport with over 30 vehicles.

Active Ltd won many competitions and performed and delivered over 70 sites. By most of investors has obtained references and recommendations for quality and timely completed construction works.


The companies personnel consists of

  • Engineers
  • Construction technicians
  • Economist
  • Lawyers
  • Real Estate Specialists
  • Construction workers


Among our CLIENTs are:

  • Municipalities of Bourgas, Pomorie, Primorsko
  • General Customs Directorate - Sofia
  • Customs Head Office – Sofia
  • University of National and World Economics – Sofia
  • Bulgarian Posts Ltd.- Sofia etc.
  • Many private and public companies with which it has a contractual relationship.

What you as our CLIENT can rely on?

  • Guaranteed quality
  • Strict adherence to the agreed schedule of work and prices
  • Precision on project implementation
  • Constant supervision and control from the beginning of the project to its full realization
  • Use the best possible pricing methods and technologies which ensure optimal prices and optimal implementation of the project
  • Competent, honest and reliable partner


ACTIV LTD has been member of the Bulgarian Building and Construction Chamber - Sofia since 1997. For its high achievements in the construction business, in competition with another 750 construction companies around the country, was honored for the best construction practices by the Chamber respectively with the Silver, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Silver awards for the years 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. The Company is registered in the Central Professional Register of Builders, according to the Law on Chamber of Builders as a performer of construction of first category. In 2008 "Active" Ltd. was honored with the "Quality Mark" by the Regional Agency of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria.

Company holds a certificate of quality management ISO 9001-2008.
It is a member of FIABCI - International Real Estate Federation.
It has been member of NREA-National Real Estate Association since 2006.
Is a member of Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Is a member of the Turkish Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
In 2005 was established management company "Proaktiv management 2009", in which was distincted actions on project management, project development and operation with the potential of the specialists of ACTIV LTD. The team is able to solve all the problems in the implementation of large investment projects.
At the annual Top 50 classifications was awarded with statuette "Silver Certificate".
Diploma for "Contribution to Burgas" in the category hotels and resorts in 2008.
The Company is registered in the Central Professional Register of Builders, according to the Law on Chamber of Builders as a construction contractor of the first and fifth group, from second to fifth grade.


Nominated in the part "Person", category "Builder of the Year", by the National Competition "Person of the Year in the construction industry" in 2008.
Deputy Chairman of the section “High Construction” of the Chamber of Builders in Bulgaria.
Board Member of the Chamber of Builders - Burgas.
Board Member of the Turkish Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Sofia.

-Born on 10 February 1959 in Elhovo;
-In 1977 graduated from Technical School "Koliu Fitcheto" Burgas, subject “Building and Architecture”;
-In 1989 graduated as "Construction Engineer for Industrial and Urban Construction" from University of Architecture and Construction - Sofia;
-In 1990 graduated from Faculty "Public science" in University of Architecture and Construction, subject "Social control";
-Work experience - 26 years;
-Married with two children.


-Born on 25 September 1960 in the village Prosenik, District Bourgas
-In 1977 graduated from High School of Mathematics "Acad N.Obreshkov" – Burgas/
-In 1989 graduated from Voronezh Civil Engineering Institute - the city of Voronezh, Russia, specialty "Economics and Organization of Construction", qualification "Engineer – Economist"
-Work experience - 26 years
-Married with two children.